What is the best dog training collar and what should you as a pet / dog trainer look for? We got you covered with this top rated training collar. Your dog will love it! It comes with 3 settings too! Perfect for new and experienced dog trainers.

Posted in Dogs on September 12, 2019

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Here are Tails For A Princess, we know that price doesn’t always represent quality for dog training collars.

The words “e-collar” or “shock collar” may sound scary to dog lovers who would never want to hurt their dog during obedience training. But high energy dogs can frustrate even the best of trainers. That’s why dog owners research for the best training collars in the market to successfully train their unruly, but lovable, dogs.

DOG CARE’s dog training collar checks every box for successful training because:

It’s Rechargeable:

Running out to buy big bulky batteries can be inconvenient, especially if you have a rowdy pup at home. You can recharge the batteries conveniently with a Micro-USB cable for a long battery life.

It’s Easy to Use this Dog Collar:

Put the collar on your dog turn on the remote. There are three training modes: beep, vibration, and shock. The shock button is the biggest and only orange button on the remote. This helps you avoid pressing it and accidentally shocking your dog during training. Plus, it’s bulky and comes with a wrist strap, which makes it hard to mix up buttons and prevents accidental drops. Ease your worries with the security keypad lock that prevents any accidental clicks in your pocket or bag.

It’s Smart:

With anti-jamming technology and a control range reaching up to 330 yards, you can train your dogs from far away. You can still give commands while your dog is far away with the audio system, reinforcing your dog’s training. The remote can control up to 9 receivers and works perfectly for families with multiple dogs.

It’s Waterproof:

Your dogs don’t just want to explore land - there are puddles, rivers, and tubs to discover. Keep the training going wherever you are without worrying about water damage.

It’s Made With Your Dog’s Safety In Mind:

Other dog training collars malfunction and administer accidental beeps, vibrations, and shocks that confuse your dog. With 0-99 static levels, you can adjust the shock settings according to your dog’s behavior.

Training your dog can put you at your wits’ end, but the DOG CARE’s dog training collar can simplify training for you and your dog. The best part of this training collar is that it’s under $50 - a far cry from other training collars that cost upwards of $100 each. Dog training doesn’t have to feel impossible and with DOG CARE’s dog training collar, it won’t be.


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